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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blender 2.67b and OpenCL is working better

I just updated to new Blender 2.67b and found out that something in OpenCL changed to better. Last time I checked previous version of Blender there was not possible to select CPU as the compute device. Now it's possible. It's even possible to use combination of CPU and GPU. Take a look at the next picture:

I can use Intel Core i5 or/and AMD Radeon graphic card as compute device. This is nice.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tutorial: Simple start with OpenCL and C++

To begin programming in OpenCL is always hard. Let's try with the basic example. We want to sum two arrays together.

At first you need to install the OpenCL libraries and other files. AMD has for CPU's and their GPU's  AMD APP: Intel has their OpenCL libraries at And Nvidia has everything at In some cases the graphic drivers already include all the files you need. I recommend that you continue with the next step and if anything will go wrong return to this step and install the needed OpenCL SDK toolkits.